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Why Buy From CEO ? This is what our customer said !! 

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Welcome to CEO Water Shop DIY Concept 


Our Vision 

Water filters industry is a very compatitive industry. Nowadays, customers not only wants the quality product and services, they also looking for something which can meet their favourite, requirement, and needs. Here it come to the idea of CEO Water, We Care about our customer's needs, we deliver what our customer Expecting, customer always our number One.


Our Sourcing Idealogy 

CEO Water Shop always looking for the best product for our customers. We put ourself as a user when we purchase it from the manufacturer. We never compromise on the quality and the dollar sen because we want to deliver the best to our customer.  


Checked before Sell 

We check the product thoroughly before we sell it to our customer. Because we want to make sure there is zero defect and zero complaint from our customer. If there is an defect issue raised by our customer, we promise to retify it and gurantee 100% of our customer satisfaction.



Complete Guidance 

Every unit of our product is attached with an installation manual either in booklet format or DVD format. Clear instruction are available to explain the steps on how to install the product and maintain the product. 



After Sale Services 

We manage our customer database very well and advice our customer when to chek the filters. We also provide free consultation whenever there is a querry about the product. Our hotline is always on to serve our customer better.