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CEO KOREA HALAL Series 4 Stages Compact Tabletop Filtration Faucet System

RM 105.00

7 Reasons You cannot Missed this KOREA HALAL SYSTEM !

a. Included 4 Stages Filtration

b. Suitable for direct drinking

c. Drinking water enrich with Different Enhancement

d. Ready with faucet

e. Direct Pipe Plug and Use

f. Suitable limited Space

g. Digital QR Guide is provided

Dimension :

35 cm X 10 cm X 30 cm


4 stages filtration system

Stage 1 : To remove solid particle, silt and rust

Stage 2 : To reduce chlorine, bacteria, rust, color, odor, etc

Stage 3 : To improve water taste, odor, microorganism, etc

Stage 4 : 

a) Alkaline Bio Set : Enrich mineral content, improve pH and mild alkaline

b) Hydrogen Set :  Makes hydrogen rich alkaline water with strong anti oxidant activity. It helps boost body energy and hydration.

c) Silver Carbon Set : Inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed. The addition of silver in the carbon has brilliant performance of Anti-Bacteria.

d) UF Membrane Set : Ultra fine membrane upto 0.01 micron can cut off and remove microorganism, bacteria, and some virus effectively 

Connection :
Direct pipe in and connectors to existing water tap is provided

Installation :
Digital QR Guide is provided

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