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CEO Water Ceramic Cartridge 10"

RM 65.00

Quality Ceramic Standard

Dimension :
- Length is 10"
- both ends flat (OBE Type)

Functionality :
- Able to filter the water up to 99.99% efficiency plus filtration of bacteria, cysts and particles.
- Ceramics are made by 100% natural materials.
- Ceramic materials are tiny and consist in narrow gaps between particles for effectively preventing large size of it passed filters, so it can remove bacteria and harmful objects.
- It is also able to remove chlorine and organics as well as improving water taste & odour.

Advantage :
Ceramic surface is easily cleanable.
Durable and Long service life span.

Suitable for :
a. Table top housing type cartridge
b. Table top dispencer with pre filter 10 inch housing

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